Over the past twelve weeks five talents from the Lead the Talent’s high potential program has worked together in order to provide Unicontrol with a market entry strategy for the United States. Unicontrol is a rapidly growing machine control company based in Odense, who is constantly expanding both nationally and internationally. The group was tasked with conducting a comprehensive analysis of the North American market and develop a market entry strategy.   

Ambitious from day one  

The talents were challenged from the start to deliver their market research already within the first six weeks. By formulating a strong research strategy through clear and strategic planning, the group was able to deliver a comprehensive market analysis and market entry strategy, as well as set up the initial contact.   

The Lead the Talent project has proven to be a really great process. We have gotten to work with a group of very competent people, who have been able to analyze the American market in a way, we would not have time or resources to do on our own. As a company we have received some really great and useful results, some which we can implement now and others in the future” – Ehsan Ehklas CCO at Unicontrol  

From plan to action  

Once the analysis and strategy was approved, the talents focused on executing the market entry strategy. All potential distributors were mapped out across the continental United States and the same was then done for distributors of construction equipment and OEMs. The goal was to reach new potential customers and distributors within the United States. In the end, cold calling and marketing paid off, and they were able to garner interest from several new companies.     

Strong teamwork and planning  

Through thorough planning and brief daily stand-up meetings the talents were able to work efficiently and effectively throughout the High Potentials program. While they did not know each other before the program started, they were able to quickly spot each other’s talents and collaborate successfully from day one.   

It is exciting to work with an innovative company that introduced such as user friendly solution. It was extremely valuable to experience how a strong focus on user needs leads to a solution that users are eager to use.” – Tijmen Spiertz  

From the left:   

  • Signe Knudsen – Cand.Soc i Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies   
  • Tijmen Spiertz – Cand.negot i International Market Relations  
  • Kathrine Brædder – Cand.negot i International Relations  
  • Kirstin Rasmussen – Cand.merc i Global marketing and Consumer Culture  
  • Marcus Miller – Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineeri


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