cIt’s high time for Cabicon to hit the international marketsin view of expanding its unique products and services into new challenging environments. In order to do so, five talents with backgrounds in strategic business development, internationalization, marketing, and human resource management were selected and assigned with fulfilling its global ambitions.   

Cabicon is a professional supplier of electrical products and equipment, primarily working on the Danish market, having few ties to the international market. As independent consultants, the aim was to create a go-to-market plan paving the way for Cabicon’s quality products. The foundation for the market plan being an internal and external analysis to better understand Cabicon, their resources, and the markets in scope to conclusively deliver an effective export strategy.  

Development perspectives in the talents’ work

The competencies of the talents have not only created value for the company in terms of insights of competitors, customers, and potential barriers in the markets, but have also identified which internal resources should be prioritized in the process. Thus, on the one hand, Cabicon can use the market plan to draw conclusions regarding internal evolution and on the other hand, enter the international market through a comprehensively developed framework.  

Strong collaboration throughout the proces

The project was carried out with a good cooperation between the team and the company, with Cabicon being actively involved on each step of the plan, providing ongoing inputs and feedbackAt the same time, the project has enhanced the skills of the talents and provided them with hands-on experience with real world application of their academic backgrounds.   

All five talents are very professional in their approach to the project. No doubt we will get an effort from the project in the near future. It has been very rewarding to see things in a new way and experience how academic competencies can contribute to our company in a positive and different way.”  Michael Engsig Johannesen, CEO & Mette Honoré Poulsen, HR Manager – Cabicon a/s 

The team consisted of: 

Anders Lund Hansen – Cand.negot – International Relations 

Emil Dyrendal Kjeldsen – Cand.merc. – International Business and Management 

Michela Dissegna – Cand.merc. – Management Accounting 

Michella Reindel Blach – Cand.merc. – International Business and Marketing 

Marilena Soulioti – Cand.merc. –  Human Resources Management



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